Business and NGO Setup in India

To start an entrepreneur or social-entrepreneur journey, registration of entities whether for doing business or social work is mandatory in India. There are a lot of options for setting up a business entity or social organization.

For business purposes, you can choose a proprietorship, partnership, one-person company, limited liability partnership, private company or public company. The selection of the best entity for your business is not an easy task. Our experts listen to your requirements and analyze future prospects relevant to your business before advising you on the best entity structure.

For social work purposes, you can choose a trust, society and section 8 company. Our experts will help you understand the different types of entity structures and which one will be best for you based on relevant information.

Our team will do all the work, like selection of the best entity structure, compilation of information, preparation of documents, preparation of forms, filing of forms for approval, liaisoning with the department, getting earlier approval from the department and after registration advisory along with growth planning. Let's start your dream journey with our assistance at an affordable cost!