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Spice Board Registration 2024: Fees, Documents & Benefits

Do you know what Spice Board Registration is and why it is important? There are also certain benefits that you can avail of Spice Board registration certificate. CRSPL business consultants will assist you in knowing more about the spice board and completing the process, documentation, fees, and more. Let’s explore now.

The Spice Board was established in 1987 by incorporating the erstwhile Cardamom Board (1968) and the Spice Export Promotion Council (1960). Spice Board is recognized as the Indian government regulatory and export promotion agency for Indian spices.

Basically, Spice board is an organization, under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Its motive is to promote, grow and market the Indian spices industry. As we understand it is not a small industry. This organization performs the role of bridge between exporters of spice and importers abroad. The headquarters of the board is located in Kochi. 

It also has multiple testing laboratories for testing the quality check of spices for export from India, in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Tuticorin, Kandla, and Guntur. Spices Board also offers education on the rich spices of India, and how it has grown so far with the motive of educating people about the country’s species heritage.

Role of Spice Board of India

  • To Research and develop the Spices in India and also market the spice in order the grow spice heritage globally.
  • To discover and introduce the wide variety of spice.
  • Measure and ensure the quality check-up for the evaluation and market research.
  • Empower the spice industry to grow and promote the exportation of species from India.
  • It also classifies the spices and promotes the process, it also has to bring improvements in spices.  

Why to Register with Spice Board of India?

There are several reasons why you should go through Spice Board Registration, some of them are mentioned below:-

1. Wide Range of Spice

As of 2024, Spice Board has experienced such a large number of species, even it is a hard nut to crack to count them. Every spice has a different taste that we experience. Our tongue has been used to a number of flavours. New spice means new taste, we never get tired of it.

2. Expert Guidance of Spice Board Members

In case you have no idea that, which spice your dish suit on, then not to worry. The expert team of Spice Board will help you and let you know which spice to choose so that your dish can be pretty amazing.

3. Avail Discounts and Offers

After being registered by Spice Board, You become eligible to get extra discounts and offers while you buy any spice. That can enhance your shopping experience and saves your money too.

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Advantages of Spice Board Registration

  • Trust and Credibility:- When you are registered with Spice Board Registration, your business earns trust of customers and credibility for suppliers and international buyers, because Spice Board is well recognized organizations and it has connection with multiple businesses, which are registered with Spice Board.
  • Access to Marketing Trends:- This can one of the major advantages of Spice Board Registration, You must know about marketing trends and changing in order to be profitable organization. After becoming a member of Spice Board you can spy over consumer’s choice and preferences in the spice market. This benefit will also help you be in the competition and generate what customers are choosing.
  • Brand Recognition:- After you are done with Registration with Spice Board and you are certified with the registration number. Now you get an opportunity to promote your brand up to international market. As well as with the help of exhibitions and fairs you can display or showcase your products and recognition among customers.

Eligibility Criteria for Spice Board Licence

There are some eligibility requirements for spice board licence that need to be fulfilled in order to get the licence:-

  • Valid ID proofs
  • Only India-based organization is eligible
  • No criminal records should exist against partners, owner, and directors of respected business

Document Requirement for Spice Board Registration 2024/ CRES

There are various documents required for registration for the exporter, basically there are two categories first is merchant and second is manufacturer. Below mentioned documents to be kept with you while registration.

For Merchant Exporter

  1. Copy of IE (Import-Export) code certificate
  2. Confidential back certificate in support of your financial status
  3. FSSAI- Food Licence

Manufacturer Exporter

  1. Copy of MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises)
  2. Copy of GST registration certificate
  3. Copy of FSSAI
  4. Proof ID that you own the building such as rent agreement, copy of lease, and property tax receipt
  5. Copy of Consent to Operate issued by Pollution Control Board (PCB)

CRES & Spice Board Certificate Validity 

The validity of the Spice Board Certificate or CRES (Certificate of Registration as Export of Spice Board of India) is 5 financial years from the date of issue. After the validity period, it has to be renewed to get all its benefits. This certificate gives the business recognition that you are registered with the regulatory body and you are also authorized by the Government of India for the export of spice.

Spice Board Registration Fees

The application fees for the Spice Board Registration for Manufacture and Merchant is given below:-

Exporter Category Manufacturer Merchant 

Rs. 17,000 

(Rs. 15,000+18% GST)

Rs. 11,800

(Rs. 10,000+18% GST)


Rs. 11,800

(Rs. 10,000+18% GST)

Rs. 8,850 

(Rs. 7,500+18% GST)

Amendments Rs. 5,900 ( Rs. 5,000+18% GST) Rs. 5,900 ( Rs. 5,000+18% GST)


The payment can be made through demand draft, card, or online method from any recognized nationalized bank in favour of Spice Board Registration. Meet the legal experts of CRSPL Today and start your CRES (Certificate of Registration as Export of Spices) process, we have a team of highly experienced and quality professionals, they will be at your service. If you require other services such as Taxation, registrations, and compliances, feel free to contact us now.