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Legal Metrology Registration: Fees, Documents & Process

Legal Metrology is vital for Scientific, Technological and Industrial progress of any country. The establishment of the national standards of weight and measurements and their proper enforcement aim at ensuring accuracy of the measurements and measuring instruments and thus legal metrology strengthens the national economy in a broader sense besides being a potential instrument of consumer protection. This registration is mandatory for the Manufacturer, packers and importers. The registration has been established with the aim of protecting consumer rights, ensuring the weighing and measuring the goods and maintain the security of customers. If any individual is seeking for informative content on the legal metrology registion and wants to know its fees, documents required, process and more. This blog is appropriate for you, so let’s get started.

Mandatory Information mentioned on the Label of the product for Legal Metrology 

  • Manufactured by, Packed by, Marketed by and imported by.
  • The name and address of the Manufacturer, Marketer, Packer and Importer. 
  • Maximum Retail Price including all taxes
  • The packaging must include the date of manufacturing along with the month and year of manufacturing, packing and import. 
  • Date of expiry is also mandatory with month and year.
  • Product quality, ingredients, customers service helpline must be provided.
  • Country of Origin where the product is manufactured finally.
  • Product package contains details.
  • Dimensions of the product.
  • Any other detail as may be prescribed.

Legal Provisions of Legal Metrology Act Registration

Sec 19 of the Act

As per this act, if an individual is not registered with the respective authority and does not possess his/her current LMPC certificate, in that case they are not authorized to import any weights and measurements. 

Sec 38 

Any person, who is involved in the business of dealing weight and measures without legal metrology registration, will be charged fine that can reach up to 25000 INR and in repeated case there can be a imprisonment of six months 

Importance of Legal Metrology

  • To set a standards for weight and measurement.
  • Ensure that the consumers receives quantity of the goods and services they pay for.
  • It prevents the unfair competition and abide traders by the same measurements.
  • In the sectors like Pharmaceuticals, accurate measurements are critical for the patient safety.
  • Harmonization of metrology standard facility by ensuring compatibility and equivalence of the measurements.
  • Justify the metric system logically
  • It fosters research and development efforts aimed at improving measurements accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

Eligibility Criteria for LMPC Registration

  • You have to comply with Legal Metrology Act 2009 and Legal Metrology Packaging rules 2011.
  • All the required documents must be submitted for applying Legal Metrology registration
  • Any additional document or business license that are necessary for your firm, must be provided.
  • A completed application submission 
  • Information that you must mention in the relevant section on packages’ display window 

List of Documents Required for Legal Metrology Registration

  1. Incorporation documents like MOA, AOA, COI and PAN.
  2. GST registration certificate 
  3. Directors Aadhar and PAN card.
  4. Email Id and Contact number of the authorised signatory. 
  5. Premises ownership documents and NOC
  6. List of the products
  7. Label of the product
  8. Product specification 

Process to Apply Legal Metrology Registration

1. Application to LM authority, first you have to fill the application with all the required information along with this attach all the required documents. 

2. The zonal officer will check out application and verify all the provided information.

3. Inspection of the premises if required, after the successful application filing.

4. The zonal officer will make the acceptation or rejection, as per Legal Metrology Act.

Legal Metrology License Fees

License requirement Applicable Fee
Manufacturers Rs. 500/- Per Year

Rs. 100/- Per Year

Dealers Rs. 100/- Per Year
Change in license Rs. 50/- 
Issue of Duplicate License Rs. 10/-

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