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FSSAI Registration Fees | License | Documents | Process

In order to ensure the quality and safety of any food FSSAI was established. FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. It falls under the administration of the Ministry of health and Welfare, Government of India. Its function consists of the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food articles.  FSSAI main objective of establishment is to check the quality and safety of the food before it is consumed.In this blog we are supposed to explore all the details about food safety and standard authority of India including FSSAI registration/license process, fees, documents, and more. 

If your business or organization is involved in any kind of food item whether activities are manufacture or sale, you have to require 14 digit FSSAI registration or license. In case you require FSSAI registration or license for any business feel free to contact CRSPL, our experts shall assist you to obtain FSSAI License. 

Difference Between FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License

Particulars FSSAI Registration FSSAI License
Turnover Limit Business having annual turnover up to 12 lakh Businesses having more than 12 lakh turnover annually
Types Required basic registration Required central and state FSSAI license
Type of Business Petty food business operators/small-size businesses The medium and large size of businesses 
Application Form A Form B
Registration and License Fee Rs. 100/- per year It can vary as per the type and criteria of businesses, approx.  Rs. 2000 to 7500/-  per year

Document Requirement for FSSAI Registration

There is a list of documents required for the FSSAI Registration, if you fail to submit all of them, will have to have some challenges. the number of documents is given below:-

  • Form A and Form B.
  • Identity Proof of Food business operators.
  • Address Proof of the business entity.
  • Photograph of the food business.
  • Declaration Form
  • Partnership Deed (if Partnership firm) and MOA, AOA and COI (if any type of company).
  • List of Director/ Partners/ executive members/ Authorised signatory with full contact details.
  • Food Safety Management Plan
  • List of Food Products
  • Food Safety Management System Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership of Premises
  • NOC from Municipality
  • Medical Fitness certificate for all workers engaged
  • Blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit.
  • Analysis report.
  • Other Supporting Documents

Who Else Must Apply For FSSAI Licence?

  1. Food Manufacture
  2. Food trader or distributor
  3. Food Importer, Exporter, Transporter
  4. Food Caterers
  5. Food service providers

FSSAI Licence Fees

FSSAI License fees can vary as per the application and type of license, for more details look below:-

1. Central FSSAI License (1 year)

  • New Application:- Rs 7500/-
  • Renewal Application:- Rs 7500/-
  • License/Certificate Modification:- Rs 7500/-
  • Duplicate Licence/Certificate:- 10% of the application license fee

2. State FSSAI License ( 1 year)

  • New Application:-  Rs. 2000 to 7500/-
  • Renewal Application:- Rs. 2000 to 7500/-
  • License/Certificate Modification:- Rs. 2000 to 7500/-
  • Duplicate Licence/Certificate:- To be updated

3. Registration Fee ( 1 year)

  • New Application:- Rs. 100/-
  • Renewal Application:- Rs. 100/-
  • License/Certificate Modification:- Rs. 100/-
  • Duplicate Licence/Certificate:- 10% of the application certificate fee

4. Konkan/Indian Railway (1 year)

  • New Application:- Rs. 2000/-
  • Renewal Application:- Rs. 2000/-
  • License/Certificate Modification:- Rs. 2000/-
  • Duplicate Licence/Certificate:- 10% of the application certificate fee

Note:- You can apply for an FSSAI License for a maximum of 5 years not more given period.

Role of Laboratory Testing under FSSAI (in case of manufacturing)

  • Food quality and safety check-up for food ecosystems that item adhere to Food and Safety Standard Act.
  • Lab testing also protects brand loyalty and increases trust in customers’ eyes after a successful quality checkup.
  • The process safe consumers from consuming unhealthy, adulterated and chemical food items.
  • Along with safety and quality, it also has to ensure and look up the process of storage, packaging and distribution of food products.

Benefits of FSSAI Registration 

  1. Quality Control:- FSSAI registration helps to control the safety and quality of the food as per the government standard. Therefore businesses that comply with FSSAI standards have less or rare chances of facing of incidents of contamination.
  2. Consumer Trust:- If your business is FSSAI registered it will automatically enhance the trust of consumers in the market because consumers know you are FSSAI certified means selling item complies with food safety and quality standards.
  3. Guidelines and Support:- In order to support and aware about the quality and safety of the product for licensed and registered businesses, FSSAI conducts programs and events, which helps to maintain the standard of FSSAI.
  4. Brand Reputation:- Your brand reputation goes high after  your brand get the sign of FSSAI registration. It helps to build a positive image of your brand in customers’ eyes, it eventually brings more loyal customers and promotes your brand.
  5. Expanding Market:-  FSSAI registration opens a scope for import and export of food products because this sign shows, the entity is following the guidelines of food safety and quality. That helps businesses to get more collaborations. 

FSSAI Registration benefits do not stop here, apart from these benefits there are more to receive , which will have a positive impact on your business, so get your FSSAI registration done ASAP with CRSPL experts with ease.

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