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Delhi Drug License Registration: Types, Fees, Eligibility & Process

The manufacturing, sales of drugs and cosmetics is actively regulated by Drug Control Department. Indian Government has established several laws to regulate the state drug controller in order to empower and manage the licensing process of drug. If you are in the search of drug license in Delhi and want to gather more details then this blog is appropriate for you. This blog is based on drug license, here you will discover essential detail of obtaining license such as Fees of drug license in Delhi, required documents, eligibility for procedure.

Introduction of Drug License in Delhi

Drug license is mandatory if your business involves in manufacturing of any kind of pharmaceutical product in Delhi. If you do not have this, then business and its members can be in major trouble, because Indian government has established strict laws for managing drug manufacturing and selling activities.

You must apply for drug license before you start to run pharmacy and cosmetic store. Not only medical or cosmetic stores are required to obtain drug license. You also require a drug license if you are a manufacture of medicine, importer of medicines and cosmetic from other countries and importer of medical equipment medicine from India.

As per the drug and cosmetics Act, 1940 it is mandatory to obtain a drug license for the entities which are involved in the manufacturing, distributing and import or drug and cosmetics. This law was established with the aim of controlling drugs and cosmetics sold in India is safe, effective and conform the state quality standards. Since its establishment, this act has been amended several times to empower the circulation of drug in various sectors.

Administration of the Drug and Cosmetics Act is Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), it is part of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, its responsibility is to regulate and set the standards for drugs and cosmetics, monitoring activities for drug and cosmetics manufacturing and distributing.

Drug License in Delhi is issued by Delhi Drugs Department, which is responsible for the regulation of drugs and cosmetic production and distribution. Delhi state has been divided in two parts in order to enforce drug laws:-

  • North-West Zones
  • South-East Zones

Type of Drug License

S.N Category Sale Type Application Form License Form
1.  Drugs other than those specified in Schedule C&C (1) & X Whole Sale 19 20-B
    Retail Store 19     20
  Restricted (General Store) 19-A 20-A  
2. Drugs specified in Schedule C&C (1) but excluding those specified in Schedule ‘X’ Whole Sale 19     21-B
    Retail Sale 19     21
  Restricted General Store 19-A   21-A  
3.  Drugs Specified in Schedule “X” Whole Sale 19-C 20-G
    Retail Sale 19-C 20-F
4.  Sale of Drugs From Motor Vehicles  Whole Sale (1) 19-AA 20-BB
     Whole Sale (2)   19-AA 21-BB R-62- D R
5.   Homeopathic Medicines Whole Sale 19-B  20-D
    Retail Sale 19-B 20-C


General documents required for Delhi Drug License

1.  Application form number as applicable
2.  Site plan and key plan of the premises
3.  Constitution of the firm such as MOA, AOA, COI and PAN in case of body corporate & LLP.

  • In case of company: copy of resolution passed
  • In case of partnership firm: partnership deed, duty attested by Notary public
  • In case of trust and society: Trust deed

4.  Photo ID proof of partner/proprietor/director of the firm
5.  Declaration form as prescribed
6.  List of Technical Staff in case of Manufacturer license
7.  List of Formulations along with product information
8. Contact number and Email id of the authorized signatory
9. Affidavit regarding non-convictional of proprietor/partner/director
10. Affidavit from the registered pharmacist or a competent person
11. Address proof-

  • If owned:- registered sale deed/registered GPA/conveyance deed
  • If rented:- rent receipt, registered rend agreement.

12. In case of village, Khasra Khatauni documents will be required.

A.  For retail registered pharmacist

  • Proof of qualification such as final degree certificate/provisional certificate with mark sheets
  • Registration of Delhi Pharmacy Council
  • Appointment letter and bio-data

B.  For wholesale license competent person

  • Proof of qualification as mentioned in retail pharmacist
  • Experience certificate
  • Appointment letter and bio-data

Documents Required for Renewal of Retail/Wholesale License

  • Fee deposit receipts
  • Application form no. as applicable (system generated)
  • The receipt of conversion charges, issued by MCD with supporting documents of commercial use such as copy of showing the name of notified commercial/mix use road/street
  • Old certificate copy

Drug License Validity and Renewal

The validity of the drug license depends upon the types of drug license and governing regulatory in the region, we mentioned details of validity:-

  1. Most of the drug licenses have the validity of 5 years from the date of issuance, such license are manufacturing drug license, wholesale, retail, import and export drug license.
  2. In some cases validity can vary as per the type of license and drugs such as license for narcotics and blood banks have short period of validity as compared to other drug licenses.

After validity expires drug license, entity has to go through the renewal process in order to avoid any adversities in business operation. Renewal process typically consists of submitting some documents a we mentioned above.    

Process for Obtaining Drug License

  1. Visit the official website and create the ID and password.
  2. The applicant must file the application for the drug license. 
  3. While filling all the required information in the application on the official website.
  4. After filing the application, all the required documents must be submitted on the portal.
  5. Requirement of the document can vary upon the type of drug license. Make sure your all the documents are ready at the time of filing.
  6. File the application by paying the online fees as prescribed.
  7. After filing application and submitting all the documents, Physical investigation is conducted by controlling authority in order to verify the business premises, shop or drugstore with physical inspection by drug inspector.
  8. After the successful verification and inspection by the drug inspector, applied drug license is issued by the controlling authority.
  9. Another easiest way to obtain a drug license is CRSPL, our business experts will guide and handle your work. We will make sure your registration gets success, additionally we will keep aware about all the process, documentation and verification process. 

Another easy way to obtain a drug license is CRSPL, our business experts will guide and handle your work. We will make sure your registration gets success, additionally we will keep aware of all the process, documentation and verification process.