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CGTMSE Scheme: A Complete Guide For MSMEs Business Owners

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the CGTMSE Scheme, designed exclusively for MSME business owners like you. In today's dynamic business environment, access to credit plays a pivotal role in fueling growth and expansion. That's exactly where the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) comes in the picture to provide a safety net. This unique scheme aims to empower MSMEs by facilitating collateral-free loans and ensuring easy access to credit. In this article, we will navigate through the intricate details of the CGTMSE Scheme, shedding light on its eligibility criteria, the application process, benefits, and how it can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s delve deeper into the article and start by knowing what CGTMSE Scheme is!!!

What is CGTMSE Scheme?

The program CGTMSE allows for loans of up to one crore rupees per borrower. MSEs, who have historically been underserved by the conventional banking industry, now have easier access to loans thanks to CGTMSE. The cost of borrowing for MSMEs has also decreased thanks to the program.

In addition to helping to enhance the amount of credit offered to MSMEs, the CGTMSE program has been successful in accomplishing its goals. By March 31, 2018, CGTMSE had insured loans totaling more than Rs. 52,000 crore for more than 12 lakh MSMEs. For more than 60 lakh people, the program has helped open doors to employment.

Upgradation For CGTMSE Scheme By The Government

Today in Mumbai, the CGTMSE Scheme was relaunched by Union Minister for MSME Shri Narayan Rane. For the financial year 2023–2024, CGTMSE received an additional Rs 9,000 crore in corpus support to reform its program, and an additional Rs 2 lakh crore in guarantees were issued to micro and small enterprises (MSEs). As a result, significant redesign initiatives were started and communicated to the financing institutions. The revisions included a 50% drop in the minimum guarantee cost for loans up to one crore rupees, bringing it to just 0.37% per annum. The maximum guarantee sum was raised from 2 crores to 5 crores, while the minimum amount needed for claim settlement without filing a lawsuit was lowered to 10 lakhs, which were both significant adjustments that were revealed.

When unveiling the reform initiatives, Shri Narayan Rane urged tighter regulation of lending institutions to increase credit availability to the MSE segment without the requirement of collateral. He expressed his belief that such actions will inspire bankers to lessen their reliance on the availability of collateral security, which continues to be a challenge for MSEs, particularly first-generation business owners.

Speaking at the event, Secretary Shri B B Swain informed the audience that the CGTMSE was working with several State Governments to improve the guarantee coverage for MSEs in their respective States. He exuded assurance that the guarantee mechanism will be used more frequently as a result of all changes made at the policy level and other actions taken by CGTMSE.

According to Shri S Ramann, Chairman and Managing Director of SIDBI and Chairman of CGTMSE, CGTMSE has been adopting a number of steps to increase credit flow to MSEs by making the guarantee Scheme appealing to both MSEs and lenders. He also said that CGTMSE would release more programs and gave the lenders assurances that the company would always be quick to meet their needs.

Union Minister Shri Narayan Rane of the nation honored the banks that have utilized the guarantee program to its fullest potential. Senior bank and NBFC executives expressed appreciation for the adjustments being made to the Scheme and their belief that these steps will significantly facilitate collateral-free lending to MSEs in the nation and hence significantly increase employment.

The announcement of a partnership between the Hyderabad-based National Institute for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (NIMSME) and the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) to establish a center for financial inclusion for MSMEs was made at the event.

The CGTMSE Scheme's Key and Effective Features

The following characteristics of the scheme are unique and effective:

  • Guaranteed payback of 75% or 85% for principle loan amounts defaulted up to Rs. 50 lakh.
  • For loans larger than Rs. 50 lakh but less than Rs. 1 crore, the maximum guarantee is set at 50%.
  • Provides microenterprises with 85% repayment on loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • The lender may request assistance in the form of business unit rehabilitation up to a maximum of Rs. 1 crore if the failure was caused by causes beyond the management's control.

Eligibility Standards of the CGTMSE Scheme

As per the laws of CGTMSE, A credit guarantee has the purpose to provide collateral backing for a borrower and to provide free advances to third parties. Members of the plan, which may also include NBFCs, have access to a maximum credit cap of Rs. 2 crore, which, in any case, is intended to pay for a significant portion of the loan amount. Both the credit providers and the borrowers should meet all the necessities of eligibility.

  • Borrowing Institutions: Scheduled commercial banks, designated regional rural banks, SIDBI, NSIC, NEDFI, SFBs, and the entire range of NBFCs that lend to the specific sector and have entered into an agreement with CGTMSE or the trust for that purpose are covered by it. group of financial institutions. Member lending institutions (MLIs) are the collective name for these groups of financial institutions, and as of this writing, there are 131 of them.
  • Loan Receivers: All new and current SMEs must meet certain requirements to be covered by the CGTMSE:
    • For a guarantee cover not exceeding Rs. 62.50 lakhs/Rs. 65 lakhs, the maximum credit facility is Rs. 50 lakhs.
    • The guarantee cap is set at Rs. 1 crore for loan facilities over Rs. 50 lakh.
    • Term credit for the total balance due on the date the loan is listed as an NPA or the date a lawsuit is filed.
  • Exclusions: Some organizations are not covered by the CGTMSE which are as follows:
    • Retail Trade.
    • Educational Institutions.
    • Agriculture.
    • Self-Help Groups (SHG).
    • Training Institutes.

The CGTMSE Application

The lender has a responsibility to apply for approved credit facilities as they become available. The following terms and accepted standards are relevant when obtaining guaranteed coverage:

  • Latest before the end of the calendar quarter.
  • When the CGTMSE fee is paid, the guarantee will start.
  • The cover will last for the Term and Composite Loans' agreed-upon term.
  • If the borrower simply receives a working capital loan, the cover duration will be 5 years or another time period determined by CGTMSE.


Important Documents Needed For The CGTMSE Loan Process

The borrower must take a number of steps in order to obtain the credit facility or loan from the lender in a seamless manner. The main steps for the CGTMSE loan program are as follows:

  • Establishment of the Commercial Business Entity: In order to carry out the project, the unit must be incorporated as a separate commercial enterprise under the proper category, such as a proprietorship, partnership, or limited company. The unit must also get all relevant tax registrations, licenses, and certifications.
  • Business Project Report: The project's components need to be precisely specified in light of a comprehensive market investigation and analysis. The following elements must be covered: 
  •  Business Model.
  • Advertiser Profile.
  • Cost and other financial data.
  • Submission: For further processing, the lender must receive both the project report and the CGTMSE loan application. If the homework is correct, the process will have begun in the right direction.
  • Banks under the CGTMSE Scheme Sanction: Processing starts as soon as the CGTMSE application forms are submitted successfully. After a thorough study and assessment of the project's viability, approval is granted in accordance with the lender's policy.
  • Getting CGTMSE Loan insurance: After giving the loan approval, it is the lender's responsibility to apply for guarantee insurance at the CGTMSE.

How can MSMEs in India be helped by CGTMSE?

The CGTMSE scheme was introduced in August 2000 with the intention of encouraging MSMEs to become more entrepreneurial by making it easier for them to get financing through authorized banking channels. Both new and old MSMEs are covered by the program.

A third-party guarantee is not required in order to provide MSMEs with collateral-free lending facilities up to Rs. 2 crores under the scheme. 

The program has made it easier for MSEs to obtain formal finance, which has enabled them to grow their companies and add jobs as a result. According to information from the Reserve Bank of India, as of March 31, 2018, more than 12 lakh loan accounts with a total of Rs. 58,636 crore has been approved under the plan.

The CGTMSE offers credit without collateral as well as additional advantages including simple repayment terms and no prepayment fees.

What procedures must MSMEs in India follow in order to receive the benefits of the CGTMSE?

Assuming you want advice on how to use CGTMSE benefits for Indian MSMEs:

1. Confirm whether your MSME qualifies for CGTMSE advantages.

2. Know the several perks that are offered and determine which ones would be best for your MSME.

3. To be qualified to apply for CGTMSE benefits, obtain your Udyam Registration.

4. File an application with the appropriate authority.

5. Continually check on the status of your application and take any necessary action.


The CGTMSE program is excellent for MSMEs in India since it gives them much-needed financial help they require and motivates them to develop and grow their companies. CGTMSE has many different advantages, but a few of the most significant ones are that it encourages entrepreneurship, expands employment opportunities, and helps lower the likelihood of business failure. The CGTMSE could be a fantastic choice for MSMEs in need of financial support. Ready to leverage the power of the CGTMSE Scheme for your MSME business? Partner with CRSPL Business Consultants and unlock a world of growth opportunities. Contact us today to get personalized guidance and expert support in navigating the CGTMSE Scheme. Let's embark on a journey of success together!