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BIS Mark for Importers: Fees, Documents & Process 

BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards, it is a statutory body, that regulates quality standards for several products in India. As per the guidelines of BIS, manufactures, sellers and importers are required to BIS certification for the scheduled products. The main objective of BIS mark is to regulate the quality of products, which are manufactured and imported in India. We will dive deep about BIS certification process, fees, benefits and more of this. We will also focus on the why importers require BIS mark and how you can obtain it.

Let’s explore the importance or vital of BIS mark for importers, as per the BIS Act, there are list of products and categories for that BIS certification is mandatory for the importation for those goods. BIS mark helps to build trust in the marketing among customers and brand also, it overall enhances credibility of your business.

Types of BIS Certification for Importers

There are mainly 2 types of BIS certification for the importers under the BIS scheme, they are mentioned below: -

1. CRS Registration: - Compulsory registration scheme (CRS), this type of BIS scheme was introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and information Technology that mandates all the importers of any electronic goods are required to get CRS registration under BIS scheme for importing products.

2. FMCS Certification: - FMCS stands for Foreign Manufacture Certification Scheme, this is required by importers. However, importers of electronic goods are exempted as they fall under only CRS registration.

Documents Required for BIS Certification for Importers 

The list of documents varies upon the type of certification for importers under BIS scheme, as we mentioned above. Here we have mentioned some of the general documents for the BIS certification-

Documents for CRS Scheme

  • Nomination letter of AIR
  • Test report of the product
  • Undertaking regarding the product
  • ISO certificate of manufacturer
  • Product manual of the applied devices
  • Trademark certificate (if available or required)
  • Testing documents such as filled CCL and CDF
  • Authorized Indian representative and affidavit (in case of foreign manufacturer)
  • Trademark authorisation letter (in case brand is not owned by manufacturer)
  • If the signatory person is other than head of manufacturing facility, then authorisation letter is required

Documents for FMCS Scheme

  • List of manufacturing equipments
  • List of machineries used in plant
  • Layout plan of the manufacturing plant
  • Brand document such as trademark (If applicable)
  • Business license/equivalent to incorporation certificate 
  • Testing report of raw materials (if used in product manufacturing)
  • Refundable performance bank grantee of $10,000 needs to be submitted to BIS

Process of BIS Certification for Import

Process for BIS mark for importers is mentioned below, step by step that has to be followed in systematic manner: - 

1. Filling of Application: - The first and initial step to get BIS certification is filing for application, applicants are required to provide all the essential details for the application along with the required documents.

2. Inspection by Authorities: - After the submission of application, an inspection will be conducted by BIS licensing authorities for the verification of provided details in application and documents for the further process.

3. Product Testing: - After the completing verification of documents, a lab test of shipped product is conducted by BIS in the authorised testing labs. Once testing is completed and reports are generated, it will be sent to BIS authorities for further process.

4. Issuance of BIS Certificate: - After the product testing and inspection of all the document, information and reports. BIS registration certificate is issued to the applicants, generally the whole process takes 20 to 30 working days approx. 

Fees for BIS Mark for Importers

  • Application Fee: - Rs. 1000/-
  • Inspection Fee: - Includes travel and lodging expenses 
  • Marking Fee: - Varies on the quantity of product

Note: - The mentioned fees are exclusive GST.

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