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BIS Certification:- Fees, Process, Benefits and More

BIC certification is necessary for assurance of any product quality, reliability and safety to the customers, it is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. It consists of several practices such as certification of products, standard formulation, testing, hallmarking and more. The government of India made it unavoidable for certain products, considering public health. BIS certification is one of the key certification requirements of a business in India that provides a third-party guarantee regarding safety and reliability of goods.

As per the government notice around 380 products are mandatory to obtain BIS certification, if an individual holds this BIS license. BIS came into existence in 1987 through the act of parliament, BIS certification scheme is one of the largest schemes in India. There are different categories of products that require BIS certification, here is the list of products and you can read with a click.

Any manufacturer is eligible for obtaining BIS certification, as it is beneficial for manufacturers because it indicates the high quality and standards of products. Here is the list of 738 products for which manufacturers are required to obtain BIS certification.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has also issued notice regarding the compulsory BIS certification for certain electronics and information technology goods under the compulsory registration scheme (CRS). Here is the list of 77 products under CRS. To know each and everything go through this blog, you will come to know BIS certification fees, benefits, process, documents and more of it.

Objectives of BIS Certification

  • Protection from harmful products 
  • Promotes It provides safeguards to public health
  • It ensures the quality of products
  • Provides consumers’ confidence and rights
  • Fostering consumer trust
  • Give authenticity to products
  • Ensures the quality of the products while they are manufactured and set standards of quality assurance.
  • Helps in maintaining environment risk, because it stops certain harmful chemical during the manufacturing of products as prescribed under act.

Benefits of BIS Certification

There are several benefits of BIS certification as follows:-

  1. BIS certification ensures the quality of the products while they are manufactured and set standards of quality assurance.
  2. BIS certification also provides authenticity that BIS certified products are safe and reliable.
  3. BIS certification also helps in maintaining environment risk, because it stops certain harmful chemical during the manufacturing of products as prescribed under act.
  4. BIS registration is granted or approved after the successful testing and sampling of products in BIS set-up laborites and ensuring quality inspection.

Types of BIS Certification Schemes

The Indian Government offers BIS certification for products under different types of schemes as follows:-

1. Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufactures:- The applicant is required to submit the BIS certification application along with the required documents. You also have to submit the fees for BIS certification, later after the application submissions, a preliminary factory inspection is conducted by the officer. Samples are tested in the factory and some samples are drawn from the factory for independent testing purpose. After the successful testing and submission of the application, BIS certification expectedly is granted within 4 months.

2. Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufactures:- Moving to Simplified process, in this procedure applicant submits a test report or product sample from BIS approved lab with the attachment of BIS certification  application. If the report is successful then factory premises inspection is conducted by BIS officer. After the satisfactory inspection, BIS certification is granted within the 30 days of BIS certification application along with the required documents and test report.

3. Tatkal Scheme:- The manufactures, who are required to get BIS certification mandatorily as per the Indian government notice under Tatkal scheme. Under Tatkal scheme, manufactures are required to get BIS standard mark within the strict timeline limit, which is 30 days. All the applications received under Tatkal scheme will be processed on priority basis as per strict time norms.

4. ECO Mark Scheme:- Eco-friendly products are required to get BIS License under ECO mark scheme. Eco-friendly products are required to meet some additional requirements, which are prescribed in the Indian standards to qualify for the ECO mark. The grant procedure is similar to domestic manufacture scheme.

5. Foreign Manufactures Certification Scheme:- Applications for foreign manufactures are issued the license for the use of ISI mark under separately designed scheme within 6 months.

Documents Required for BIS Certification

To obtain BIS Certification, necessary documents are required to submit, some documents may vary as per the type of BIS registration scheme, some general documents we have mentioned below:-

  • Name and address proof of office and factory
  • Document showing the establishment of the manufacturing unit such as Incorporation Certificate or Registration Certificate or Memorandum of Association, PAN etc.
  • MSME/SSI certificate, if applicable
  • Manufacturing process flow covering all stages of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage)
  • List of manufacturing machineries with the machinery details
  • Details of outsourcing of manufacturing operation (if applicable)
  • A detailed list of testing facilities and testing equipment list
  • Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing equipment 
  • Third-party laboratory test report as per Indian Standards, if applicable
  • Layout plan of the factory premises and location plan of the factory
  • In-house or independent test report, if applicable
  • In case the application is signed by the authorised signatory, the authorisation letter from CEO in the authorised signatory name
  • In case of a foreign manufacturer or overseas applicant, nomination details of Indian agent and nomination form

BIS Registration Procedure

Generally BIS registration moves around licensing process and surveillance process, the steps are as follows:-

The following steps are involved in the licensing process-

  1. Nomination and portal registration
  2. BIS registration application has to be submitted by the manufacturer with the mentioned documents by payment of the prescribed fees.
  3. Submission of the Test reports and other requisite documents
  4. Preliminary inspection is conducted by BIS officer
  5. Scrutiny of application and documents
  6. After the inspection, products samples are tested in the factory and taken for independent testing 
  7. Eventually BIS officer will make a decision as per his satisfactory

After that BIS officer will move forward to the surveillance process, which is a complete survey of the factory or manufacturing plant.

Below mentioned are the following steps of the surveillance process-

  1. The authority will visit the factory and test the sample testing report
  2. The BIS officer will send the samples to the independent labs
  3. As per the test report feedback, the performance review report will be prepared
  4. After the report is approved, BIS license is granted

Fees Structure for BIS Certification

1. Application Fee

  • Large Scale Business: 1000/-
  • Medium, Micro and Small-scale Business: 500/-
  • Central/State Gov. Organisation: 500/-

2. Audit/Inspection Fee

For business located in India 

  • Large scale business: 12000/- per man day
  • Micro, small and medium business: 9000/- per man day

Note: - Travel upto 250 km and stay of auditors shall be borne by applicants.

3. For Business locate outside of India

  • 12000/- per man day

4. License or Certificate Fee

  • Large scale business: 30,000/-
  • Medium, small and micro business: - 15,000/- 

Important Note: - License fee for organization with multiple outlets and flexibility in fee click here.

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